Auditing & pre-lending surveys for the invoice finance industry
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SK Audits & Consultancy are an experienced auditing firm specialising in the invoice finance sector…

SK Audits & Consultancy are powered by Validis, the open finance API. Validis extracts on-demand business financial data, connecting accounting software packages and drawing Open Banking data into one standardised format.  This reduces audit preparation workload upwards of 70%, unlocks powerful insights from over 100 trackable metrics and provides a seamless customer experience.

With expertise in invoice finance, SK Audits & Consultancy can provide you with detailed reports of the business and operations. The owner and founder, Steve, has benefitted from working within roles in relationship management, new business and brokering. Steve's experience will help present a collective view along with knowledge of the alternative lending market should businesses have additional funding in place. Steve will make recommendations and be available throughout the credit process.

SK Audits & Consultancy are based in North Hampshire and can provide coverage for most areas in the South of England, London, and South Wales. If you require our services further afield, please get in touch – we will find a way to support you and your business.

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